Summertime Ride


      So here we are, three weeks removed from Isles hockey. The excitement is over, but optimism is at an all-time high…Let me start by saying: I miss the team, and I miss the excitement. I miss the unsteadiness my body would maintain from Peter’s lame pregame (why was his desk always a size too small?) to Stan’s post game “show” with Nabby, and everything in between.

      How’s everyone getting by? I’ve been well, enjoying the weather. Getting in those Corona and Limes, while fishing the Great South Bay, discussing with a random fisherman why John Tavares deserves the Hart, compared to whichever NHL superstar he could name the fastest. You know typical fanatic stuff.

      With Memorial Day in the rearview, and Summer beginning to show its true colors, the questions are arising. Draft?…Nabby?…Streit? Can this front office make a move without disturbing Mr. Wang’s wishes? A lot needs to be answered.

      The club is on the cusp of a very bright future, and management knows it. With many decisions needed to be made, and their effects on the direction this team, this coaching staff, OWNERSHIP, and management need to be on there A game.

      I put a lot of faith in this team, and I believe they will answer one of the three major questions this summer (The three being; the Goaltender situation, Adding a top 6 D-man, and who would fill JT and Moulson’s Right Wing). Leaving the following two to be dealt with next season, or summer, before the move to Brooklyn.

      With the likes of Matt Martin, Lubo, Moulson and JT, the Islanders roster is growing to be more and more of a talent pull factor, add in the move, and players WILL want to be an Islander. This front office needs to break the mold they created, and handle this team with care, yet be aggressive when it comes to pulling talent towards this club; our faith is in their hands.

      I’m not sure how this ends, but I am most certainly along for the ride. Our room for growth is at its utmost peak, yet we have so much on the line. Enjoy it.



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